Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life of Pi reflection

There were quite few things that I learned from Lie of Pi. The first is what you have to do to be the "alpha male" when dealing with animals. Also what to eat when you run out of or run low on your supplies. And finally, you can survive with a tiger if you know how.

First of all, I didn't know that it took all that work in order to get an animal to obey. So here's what I got from this: A whistle can help you to get the animals attention. Also feeding it when you can, can put the animal under your control. Marking your territory helps keep the animal out of your area without you having to get aggressive or foolish I should say because come on if you try to get a tiger out of your territory your asking for kill.

I didn't know that drinking sea turtle blood could somewhat substitute fresh drinking water. And that turtle could be a delicacy out at sea. I use to think that I'd never eat a turtle but I guess if I'm lost at sea and I want to survive I'll have to get over it.

Now having know all this now, I know how I can go about surviving with a tiger. I'm not saying I won't be scared, but at least I know how to keep my distance. Ensuring that the tiger knows I am the alpha male and that without me it doesn't get food, it's a safe bet it may not attack. So now if it get lost at sea with a tiger, I know what I can do to survive.

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